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We had a good doctors visit this morning with the Pediatrician. Sutton is up to 6lbs 15.5oz. We are on the Biggest Gainer program hoping to gain weight with every visit. Dr Wise, our pediatrician, spent some time with us thie morning assuring us she was a part of Team Sutton. She gave us a good report that Suttons lungs and heart sounded great and that she looks perfect. We will be back next week for a follow up on weight, but we are on the right track.

We love our pediatrician office. They treat us so well and everybody is always so polite. It is always nice to see Aunt Brooke every time we are there. We are so thankful that she is the head nurse and even more so that brooke is part of a wonderful group. Sutton was blessed with lots of love this visit.

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  1. Debi Routt Brasfield

    Hey Jeff! This is Debi Routt! I have been a pediatric RN since 2000 and I had the priviledge of taking care of so many CF families. Dr. Caplan at Egelston taught me everything I know about CF and inspired me to be the best nurse I could be. There are so many of my CF babies that occupy special places in my heart. One of my dearest patients was named Kevin. He had the most severe type of CF and spent most of his time in the hosptial. I took care of him every time he was in the hosptial for as long as he was admitted. My four kids also got to know Kevin because I would take them to visit him on my days off. He loved it! My oldest, Ashlynn (she is 14yo) and I have wanted to be involved in the CF Foundation but we were not sure how to go about it. I am so passionate about Cystic Fibrosis and want to be there for your family in any way me and my kids can. We are praying for your precious family and especially Sutton. We would love to be a part of Team Sutton!


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