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Make a difference, one letter at a time.

People with CF should never have to decide between buying groceries or medicine, or between paying the electricity bill and a visit to their care center. Without vital state programs that help them afford their care, many will be forced to make these impossible choices.

Take a moment to help all people with CF in your state get the care they need.

Your state lawmakers may soon consider proposals to cut or even eliminate children’s health care protections, Medicaid and other state programs that help many people with CF pay for their medications and therapies, visit CF care centers, afford hospital care and more.

Without adequate funding, these programs may be forced to turn away the people who need them most. It is up to us to explain to lawmakers how essential the care these programs provide is to people with CF.

Thank you for all you do! Together, we will keep adding tomorrows for Sutton and people with CF.

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