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5 West Called….

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Possible phone conversation today…
4West:” Hello, 4 West”
5West:” This is 5 West. We heard you have our baby. We want her back
4West: Silence…..
5West:” She’s the cute one that smiles a lot.”
4West:” We’re sending Sutton up right away.”
5West:” Go ahead and send her parents with her.”

Word got around that we were at Egleston and 5 West made a request to have their baby back. We are moving back to our 5 West Home! We have enjoyed the nurses on 4 West, especially Michelle and Suzanne, but it will be good to be back with familiar faces on the CF wing. The nurses on 4 West very good at what they do, but it takes a special nurse to understand the daily grind of a CF patient.

Sutton’s viral test came back negative! Thats partial good news. They only test for the 8 most common virus strains, so she could have something they didn’t test for. She is still wheezing some throughout the day and they have been able to treat that. She seems to be doing well overall. The big news will be the results of her CF culture to see what bacteria is growing. They will then determine the best antibiotic to treat her with which also determines our ability to go home. If we don’t need an IV antibiotic, we will more than likely be headed to the house. The bad news is that her IV line came out this afternoon and they will have to stick her again to start her antibiotic this evening. That is traumatic for all of us, including the nurses. We will make sure we get it in good this time.

We couldn’t get through this without our family and friends. You all are our support line, phone a friend and part of Team Sutton Grace!

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated. It’s inspiring how you always find a way to make the reader laugh whole providing essential and serious information. We love you guys and are praying for speedy recovery

  2. Lorna Marchiolo

    Prayers uplifted for our sweet girl!


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