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I constantly keep reminding myself to blog, but I always find it hard to find the time. It seems when we are healthy and able, we are always on the go. But I recently realized that we have a lot of followers and it’s only fair to share in the good things happening in our world. 

Since my last post, there has been a lot happening. We are constantly advocating for the things we believe in that have been so significant in our journey. We have been so involved in those things that it has become the road we travel as a family. We have encountered so many amazing parents, just like us, who will do anything they can to fight for the health and happiness of their children. 

Rather than post one mega blog entry, over the next few weeks, we will take the time to update everything that has been going on in our lives. I promise to do a better job keeping up with the our story and our fight as a family to cure CF and be  a part of something bigger than we ever imagined. 

Julia Ray, Miss Philadelphia 2015, who also has CF said “You can google CF, but google doesn’t tell you the whole story.”  Every story is different and we use this blog to share ours and some glimpses of others. Stay tuned for the next chapter…

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