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Teens from all over the country are gathered in Washington DC this week to advocate CF to our nations leaders. So many citizens in our country have opinions that never get voiced because they aren’t as brave, dedicated, or motivated as this group of teens. To top it off, none of them have CF, but their friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, fathers, and mothers do. They are here advocating for what they believe in and to be a voice for someone special in their lives that can’t physically be here. It was truly amazing to get a glimpse at these teens and to hear the passion in their stories and the love for whom they are fighting for. 

As I listened to the stories of who these teens are fighting, I heard too many of these teens say they were fighting for a friend, sibling, or parent that had lost the battle with CF. I was touched by the fact that these teens are fighting for a lost loved one and to hear the passion to continue the fight to find a cure to CF for everyone still battling this ugly disease. Let me say it again, A teen is fighting in memory of someone to our nations leaders to help find a cure for CF! 

Today, three amazing teens from Georgia will advocate for Ian and Sutton, who fight CF every day. Kelly, Corrie and Luke are going to sit down in front of our nations decision makers and ask for the coninued support of the programs that make our fight against CF possible. You might think that the adults are going to make the pitch, but we are merely going to be a fly on the wall. These teens are going to tell their story, explain CF, explain the CF Foundation, and talk about the daily struggles for Ian and Sutton. Then they are going to ask for funding support and discuss hard issues facing CF, the drugs and research, and support their ask with facts and examples. Again, these are teens! While their friends are at camps, playing sports and relaxing for the summer this week, these teens are storming the hill in our nations capitol making a difference for their loved ones. They are adding more tomorrows. 

Kelly Spera and her brotherwith CF, Ian, age 10.

Corrie Smith and Luke Burnett. Sutton’s cousins.

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  1. Carla Williams

    Way to go Corrie, Luke and Kelly! Your dedication, bravery and determination on the Hill are to be admired, and your voices truly do make a difference! Thank you for advocating not only for Sutton and Ian, but for the tens of thousands of others affected by CF. All of us back home are so incredibly proud of you!!!

  2. Celeste Schnabel

    Such an inspiration to us all!! Keep fighting!!

  3. Lorna Marchiolo

    So proud to know two of these young people! Thank you for being a voice for those who can’t fight the fight for themselves.


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