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If you’re happy and you know it, smile!

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Yesterday was a little busy, not so much with Sutton, but with us. We attended Charlie’s funeral last night. It was very nice and he was such an accomplished man. I learned so much more about him that I never knew. Thanks so much for all your kind notes to Brittany.

Sutton is doing much better. She has no strings(or wires) attached. She tolerated one more round of intramuscular antibiotics and now she is moving towards an oral antibiotic. Woohoo! She always has a smile on her face and is not really fussy other than when they stick things inside her nose to clear her out, but snaps back to smiling right after its all over.

After the funeral last night, we picked up Hiatt and he was so concerned with where Sutton was so we snuck him into the hospital for a quick five minute visit. He gave her a kiss and told her he loved her and missed her and then we were out the door and he talked about her all the way home. Such an amazing big brother.

Linda Murphy stopped by from the Ga CFF chapter to check on us. We are once again amazed by the people who have become a part of our lives. The foundation has been such a great addition to our family. Speaking of family, our family has been incredible. We have more offers to help than we can even imagine. They are all truly amazing. We cant do this without them. TJ has stopped by every day that she has been working here at the hospital and always brings a hug and a smile to our room. Thanks so much to all our friends and family for everything, whether it is your kind words, your help, or even just your offer to help, it is all appreciated.

Last thing is a big thanks to the staff here at Egleston. They have been amazing and so kind. They work so hard for all the patients here and even accommodate the parents the best they can. They even gave us a room with our own infant jacuzzi tub! (See photo). We are still trying to figure out where the sink is though…

Much love to all our family and friends. Hopefully we will head home soon. And again, THANK YOU!

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  1. Gamma and Grandaddy Stelten

    Jeff and Brittany, thanks for the great update. I’ve been under the weather and out of touch for a week, but Gamma and I want you to know we want to help financially, if you’ll just tell us how we can do this.

    Brittany, we’re sorry we could not be at Charlie’s memorial service. He was a good man, and it was our pleasure to know him, if only for a brief time. We send you our heartfelt sympathy.

    Gamma and I have Sutton and her parents in our daily prayers.

    We send you our love,

    Gamma and Grandaddy.

  2. Andrea Tallent

    What wonderful updates. I’ve been thinking of all of you constantly. I’m so sorry you guys have had such a rough week. B, I’ve been thinking of you all with Charlie. I know what an incredible guy he was in your life….what a celebration Joey must be having now with him!

    As I’m “fighting” through a bad seasonal cold and find myself complaining because I don’t have a voice, I just can’t imagine what lil Sutton must be feeling. These pictures warm my heart – that little Sutts is a perma-encourager!!!

    Sending you all huge hugs and all my love.



  3. Lorna Marchiolo

    Thanks for the update on Sutton. She is always in my thoughts (as the two of you are). I received your card today and would like to know more about the Walk in May. I love you all

  4. What an angel!! Sweet precious angel….


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