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Theres no place like home…

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Theres nomplace like home, but if you cant be at home, 5 West isnt too bad. They are such a great crew here. Sutton is so sweet and everybody loves peering in the window at her.

Things have been smooth overall, but we have had a few complications. Poor Sutton has been a pin cushion. They have had a rough time getting the IV to stay put. She has one in place now, but its fragile at best so her arm is immobilized. The PICC nurse came by and didnt have much luck looking for a vein to run a line so we are stuck with the IV for now. The doctor switched her to an intramuscular antibiotic for now to avoid the IV if we dont need to use it. Two shots every 24 hours for now. Sutton does not enjoy that one bit. A little hug and a kiss and she is back at her best.

Looks like we are here for two more days at least. We are waiting on culture results to determine what bacteria is growing and if anything needs a different antibiotic than what she is on. From there, we have no clue as to how long we might be here. At least they are very kind to us and Aunt Tj works here so we have that perk if we need anything. She has been so kind to us. In fact our whole family has been very helpful. Sutton got a smell of Ferrells which helped her smile from mamaw.

On a side note, Brittany grandfather passed this morning, so keep the Shaw family in your thoughts and prayers as they deal with this difficult time.

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  1. I went to high school with Brittany. I am sorry to hear that your daughter is struggling with CF. I am sending prayers and love your way. I hope Sutton is well soon and that you are all able to go home soon.

  2. Dear Brittany and Jeff, I am so terribly sorry little baby Sutton is having so many problems and certainly praying for a rapid recovery and all to be home soon. You are at a wonderful hospital and I know that is a comfort that she is getting the best care possible. I will let the KD’s know, so we can all be praying for Sutton and the entire family.

  3. Poor thing! She looks so precious though. We hope all the tests come back with good news. Stay strong!


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