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Time for another update!

First off, I know many of you are wondering about Sutton. We have had a rough week so far, but we are on the right track. Last week was the beginning of a cough that quickly progressed over the weekend into something a little more substantial. An official kickoff to cold season has begun with her first antibiotic and as the week progressed, so did her effort to breathe. After slowly increasing treatments and medicine, we finally reached a point where we felt it was necessary to bring her over to the hospital. After we finally got admitted to a room(the ER was a madhouse!), we got settled in, Sutton had a few treatments and then it was bed time. Sutton was all hyped up albuterol so she just wanted to play. I finally got her settled into bed at 4:30AM and she woke up at 8AM with a smile ready to attack the day, until about 9:30 when she was exhausted and ready to sleep.

A couple of weeks ago, Brittany and I were guests on a radio show along with Amanda Gilbert from the Ga CFF office. The show was titled “Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy”. Since 2005 The Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy radio show has been educating, inspiring and motivating listeners all over the world in their quest to lose weight and lead a more active healthier life. They constantly have guests on their show focusing on different active lifestyles. It was a great opportunity to share a little of our story and raise awareness for CF. We focused on our upcoming bike ride on Nov 9th. Take a moment to hear Brittany’s great radio voice and my average radio voice by clicking on the link below.

Cycle for Life – Team Sutton Grace Radio Interview

A very important part of our lives is raising money for CFF support. I’ve said it before, but this is our life line to curing CF for Sutton. We can’t change the world on our own, but if we pull ourselves together, we can make one heck of a dent! We are almost in full stride with raising support for the CF Cycle for Life and this is where we need you to help us. Every little donation counts and gets us closer to a cure. Look for our link on our home page if you can spare a few dollars. We can’t thank you enough.

As our weeks progress and we get closer to the upcoming CF Cycle for Life, we are focusing on different achievements and stories through our posts. Look for an email update each week to follow along.

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