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3…2…1… Ride – Team Sutton Grace Fundraising Kick Off

It’s time for our next big fundraiser! We wish would could win the $400m lottery that is taking place right not. That would solve a lot of problems. We would put as much money as possible into finding that miracle cure for our sweet Sutton! But while we wait on that to happen, we need help from our friends and family to keep efforts moving forward for a cure.

We are gearing up for the 2013 CF Cycle for Life on November 9 at Serenbe, GA. We need help in many ways to be successful. We are growing our team and raising money for a cure. Brittany and I have been involved with the Cycle for Life Board trying to get all of the details ironed out. The board is busy asking for corporate sponsorships, so if you know anybody willing to give money towards a great cause in return for some publicity, let us know.

First thing is we need donations to help support the next phases of a drug that could cure CF for Sutton. We already have one breakthrough drug that presents a cure for about 4% of the CF population, but Sutton isn’t in that group. In fact, she isn’t in the next round of the drug that currently in testing. We need to keep momentum going so that we can continue to push development of another round following that has potential to be Sutton’s miracle drug. This would mean, no more vest, large amounts of pills, special diet…It will give Sutton a more normal life much like other kids her age. While her friends are going to sleepovers, camp, or weekend retreats, it won’t be that easy. She has to have all of the equipment which is much larger than a normal carry-on bag. If we can get this drug where it needs to be in a few years, she wont have to worry about that at all.

Now I know some of you aren’t in a position to donate funds, but there are several other ways to help. We have Team Sutton Grace for those who have time to spare and help us raise money. With the upcoming bike ride, we are always looking to add members to our team. There is no need to be an expert bike rider, we have a place for anybody that can pedal on two wheels for a short 15 miles. If bike riding isn’t your thing or you think you aren’t up for the task, you can sign up to be a virtual rider and help by raising funds through Team Sutton Grace towards the foundation. Last, we always need help at these events and if you can spare a few hours on a Saturday morning, we can use you!

I bet you all are wondering how Sutton is doing. This is the most important part. Sutton recently went in for her latest CF Clinic Visit and got an overall good report. Prior to her visit, she was sent in for an x-ray of her chest to make sure everything looked fine, but it wasn’t perfect. After the doctors looked over her chest x-ray, there was a good amount of cloudiness in one side indicating some build up. This is what leads to lung problems down the road. The good news is that we were able to see it and are now adding another treatment, twice a day to help move some of that stuff out.

If you can help us out in any way, please contact us. We have a link in the side bar to donate to our ride or to join us. We will even throw in a free Team Sutton Grace T-shirt for anybody that joins our ride team! We can’t do this without our great friends and family and as always, Thank you for giving our baby girl more tomorrows.

It would only be fair for me to throw in an update picture – We went to pick Apples up in North Georgia this past weekend. While we were there, I was having a muscudine slushie and holding Sutton. She decided that she was interested in it so I put the straw in her mouth to see what she would do. She instantly started drinking my slushie through the straw and it soon became hers. Here is a snapshot of the fun!


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  1. Jeff
    I’d love to help out on the 9th – the knees won’t do a bicycle but I can man a table, direct people or do whatever you need. Just let me know.
    Love you all!

  2. So there! Love you, little Button!!

  3. Thanks for the update, Jeff! Al is preparing for the bike ride and I’ll be happy to do whatever need be done..Love you all, Lynn

  4. I’m NOT a biker chick, but I CAN “do the ask”…let the fundraising begin….
    Beautiful update, Jeff, on our precious Suttsy Grace. OXO, YaYa


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