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Cycling, sniffles, and signatures

Cycling, sniffles, and signatures

Whew!–we’ve had alot happening over the past 2 weeks! Thank you again for all of your support as we continue to navigate this journey together.
On Saturday, November 3rd, Jeff and my cousin, JV Gortney, participated in the Aptalis CF Cycle for Life. The event was a 30 mile bike ride through the Serenbe community (just south of Atlanta) and was a HUGE success thanks to your contributions and support. To date, we’ve raised nearly $8,000 for Team Sutton Grace and were one of the top fundraising teams for the entire event! Jeff was the top overall fundraiser for the entire event and JV was one of the top fundraisers too! All of this happened in just 9 days–wow! We think that next year, their team name might just be the Silent Ninjas (watch out they come out of nowhere!).
I brought Sutton to the event and we bundled up while Jeff and JV rode for a couple hours. We met some other CF families and Sutton’s doctor even rode that morning! A great day overall and one that keeps us even more encouraged to find a cure.
We continue to be overwhelmed and humbled with all of your support.
If you are still interested in donating, you have about 2 weeks left to contribute–simply click on the link below and help us find a cure for CF!

The following weekend, both Hiatt and Sutton managed to get their first colds of the season (and Sutton’s first cold ever). Little Sutton sounded like Darth Vader for a couple days but thankfully didn’t ever have a fever. It was my first call to the CF Clinic after hours but they assured me that we were doing all of the right things to keep her on the mend. Thank goodness for saline and those little bulby nose suckers! Both kids are feeling better and we are working to get all immune systems strong for Thanksgiving which will be lots of time with our awesome families!

We went in for Sutton’s 4 week checkup on Monday Nov 12th and she is now at 8lbs 6oz so she’s gained an entire pound since she entered this world–yay!  The enzymes we feed her before every meal seems to be working and helping her absorb the nutrients her body needs to get big and strong. She’s still on the small side for her age, but if she’s anything like her big brother Hiatt, she will catch up in no time!

Lastly, we need your signatures! We are just weeks away from devastating budget cuts that will jeopardize critical research and the swift approval of new medicines for people with CF.These cuts will damage many programs that improve the lives of people with cystic fibrosis, from studies that help improve nutrition for babies with CF to the review process that ensures new drugs are safe and effective. We can’t let them slow our march toward a cure.The clock is ticking: the window of opportunity for our elected officials to stop these cuts is rapidly closing. Congress needs to hear from you. Our elected officials can and should fix our deficit while protecting these important investments that save lives.

Please click here to let Congress know that we cant stop the progress towards a cure!

Until next time—

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