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Time flies when you’re having fun…

20121230-214938.jpgIts been a while since our last post. Time sure does fly when you are having fun. A lot has happened in the past two months, but all seems well.

Thanksgiving welcomed the new dynamic of germ protection to the family. With with 24 possible attendees in Brittany’s family and it being the start of colder weather, somebody is bound the have a cold. Brittany’s Uncle Jim wasn’t feeling well so he stayed clear of the gathering. It is difficult to express our concern for Sutton’s health and well being, but what a blessing to have family who understand the issue and volunteer to sit out. Thanksgiving was only the start as we continued to have somebody with a cold all the way through both sides of the family and we missed seeing a few people and even postponed a few gatherings as a result. It only makes sense as nobody needs to spread germs, CF or not. I think we are all more aware of our health in general these days.

Speaking of health, the flu shot campaign for our families was a huge success! Nobody fought back and we are currently at 100% for the family flu shots. Most people went and got theirs as soon as we mentioned it. Even Grannie eventually got hers before she came for Christmas.

Sutton is growing! She is progressing right where she needs to be. At her 2 month checkup at the CF clinic, he was in the 50th percentile for height and weight. She eats well, sleeps well and as you can imagine, well, I’ll just let you imagine! We have had many solid nights of sleep. I thought she was sleeping until 8 am every day, but then Brittany mentioned being up since 5:30 one day and then I realized that I was the one sleeping through the night. She is still making it almost the whole night. Hooray for sleep.

Christmas was a huge success. Sutton got everything she wanted (socks and new clothes) and a few things she did not–she has developed a runny nose that has her coughing quite a bit. We made a trip to the pediatrician the morning after Christmas and all was clear with her lungs so now we are just trying to keep her nose clear. Hopefully all will be better soon.

We are excited about the new opportnities for 2013. We have decided to focus on two major CF fundraisers, The Great Strides Walk on May 18 and the Cycle for Life in the fall. Our families have all expressed interest in other fundraising ideas including everything from bake sales to car races to raise money for a cure. We are so fortunate to have such a loving and supportive family.

We wrapped up the 2012 Cycle for Life with over $8,000 in support of Team Sutton Grace. With only such a short time to raise money and only two riders, we felt very humbled by the outpouring of support. We are already planning for next year and expect more riders on our team and for overall support to grow as well. We will be training for the full 65 mile ride this coming year. Thanks to all who supported us. We are so very grateful!

We will keep posting as we progress through the new year. We are hoping for a year of new opportunity. Happy 2013!

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