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Welcome to 5 West

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Welcome to 5 west, not the most comforting words a CF parent can hear, but definitley reassuring. 5 West is the hospital floor at Egleston Childrens Hospital where CF kids hang out when they arent feeling so well. We made our debut on the floor last night.

Yesterday was a normal day of last minute preparation for Brittany to go back to work. We were at the ped office to pick up forms for daycare and all seemed well. After se left, Sutton began one of her coughing fits and turned blue. Not a comforting sight for parents. That afternoon we were back at the ped office where she had another episode and the pediatrician sent us on the the ER to be checked out. Not too long after, we were admitted and still here today. Everything is going well. A few antibiotics and a few more tests to see what is going on and maybe we can be home in time for dinner?! For now, we feel like we are in the right place and in good care. Sutton is such a good sport. After numerous sticks for IV and lots of other pokes, she still has that angelic smile on her face.

Look for the homecoming message soon.

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  1. Thanks for the update. We will send more than our usual amount of prayer your way. Hope you will have that sweet baby girl home today.
    The Rowe Fam

  2. So sorry to hear, was just talking about her sweet photo from your last blog to one of our cycling team leaders that had met you at the ride! We will be sending thoughts & prayers over to 5West that you will be home very soon. Take care!

  3. Greer & Kevin Dierkes

    We are praying for sweet Sutton to come home SOON! Please keep us updated on any specific prayers for her! Big hugs to all of you~

  4. Prayers for sweet Sutton! We love her thank you card and have it hanging at our office, she is so cute!!!

  5. Count on my fervent prayers. I can’t imagine how worried you are about your sweet angel. Trust in God’s healing presence.
    With love,
    Claire Walls (friend of Nancy Jackson)


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